Power Issue

Your Macbook not powering up could be due to a number of reasons. If you have spilled liquid on your device, or have been to a very humid place, there is a chance that your macbook is liquid damaged. These devices are very sensitive to liquid. Corrosion builds up after a time if your macbook had been in contact with liquid. Other parts such as your charger, magsafe and etc… could also cause interruption with power input in to your device. There are number of chipsets that are involved in powering up your device. Failure of any of these critical chipsets could cause “NO POWER”. Here is a summary of all problems that could lead into no Power on a Macbook Pro, Air and Retina:


  • Liquid Damage
  • Bad Charger
  • Bad Magsafe
  • Logic-Board Issue
  • Bad Battery

-With liquid damage, you want to make sure to get a Professional Cleaning on your device. You may also need a Logic-Board Repair.
-With the Charger, we recommend you get the charger from the apple store near by or the authorized dealers.
-Here is the deal with magsafe; Magsafe is the first part that transfers the power into and out of your device. Usually the magsafes are very durable and they hardly die. Most of the time the problem comes from the logic-board in the case of “no power”. You need to consult with a technician or take your device to a shop that offers Free Diagnostics.