Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning is one of the most important maintenances that is available to mac users and it is very important that you get it done on a macbook at least every 2 years. If you maintain your device well enough, it could work for years, and Professional Cleaning is an inexpensive service in most shops.  As much as Professional Cleaning is effective on the life span of your device, it could also be done none professionally, and you have to make sure the shop you take your macbook into, are knowledgeable and caring technicians.

What is a Professional Cleaning:

Professional Cleaning is in a number of steps:

1) Cleaning your device from dust, Moist and any liquid. This is done in different ways and the technology every shop uses is the secret of their success.

2) Replacing the Thermal Paste that sits in between the heat sink and the main chipsets. (This paste becomes like a rubber over time, and it is important that it should be wet at all times)

3) Testing all your parts and making sure they are all working perfectly fine.

Prices on Professional Cleaning are usually around $120 in most Toronto Shops. You should take your device somewhere that you trust and have good reviews from their customers.