If you are frustrated that your computer is slow. The chances are that you may need an upgrade. Business owners and successful people and in general mac users (no offence to others) generally care about TIME rather than the money they have to spend on an upgrades. If an upgrade makes your computer faster and makes you save time, in the long run, you make more money.


A lot of people don’t know that most of the speed of the computer is related to the Hard Drive. They usually think RAM is the factor of speed, but thats nothing compare to the Hard Drives that are out there right now. Apple originally released most of its MacBooks from 2007 to 2012 with regular old generation 5400 rpm hard drives. The SSD Hard Drives were more expensive around 2012, but now they are really cheap. If you own a Macbook Pro (non retina or Air) you can simply upgrade your Hard Drive to an SSD hard drive and you can see a x10 faster results on both reading and writing speed. SSD Hard Drives don’t have moving components, therefore they are more reliable and last longer than the original disk spinning hard drives that could crash due to drops and shocks.

You can try an SSD on your Macbook if you take your macbook to a shop nearby and ask them to put an SSD just to see the speed on your Macbook. Some shops do this for free as the market is competitive. Check with some of the stores near you.

Macbook Pro Unibodies and the white and black MacBooks came with the original Hard Drives, and Macbook Pro Retina and Air came with the SSD Flash storage and PCIE Flash Storage in the recent years.

The retina’s and Airs cannot be upgraded for a faster speed, but you can definitely upgrade the amount of Storage on these devices. All Models take up to 1 TB storage.


If you get an error from an application that “you are running out of RAM” then you need to upgrade the RAM, otherwise it would be a waste of money. RAM does very little in terms of speed. If you want more speed on your Computer, first option should be upgrading the Hard Drive.