Screen and Glass Replacement

LCD and Glass Replacement may be needed if you have the following problem with your macbook (Note that some of these issues could be caused by the Cable  or by logic-board, you should go to a shop that offers Free Diagnostics before you spend on a Screen) :


  • Broken Glass, or Screen (Usually a crack in the screen and glass)
  • A line on the screen (different colours on the screen)
  • Parallel lines that go up and down on the screen.
  • BackLight issue, Screen is always dim.
  • Screen turns on and off randomly.
  • Screen freezes when you move the hinge.

Remember that sometimes these issues are caused by the cable or the logic-board. It is important that you get Free Diagnostics when you are dealing with screen. If you are 100% sure that the screen is the problem, then you can order the screen or ask a shop to give you a quote for the screen replacement.
Some screens are very expensive, like the Retina’s and the new Macbook. It is recommended you go to a shop that offers warranty on their repairs.