Liquid Damage Macbook Pro, Air and Retina

When your Macbook is damaged by any type of liquid, the best thing to do is turning it off and never try to turn it on again, unplug the battery and get it professionally cleaned. If you do not have the screw driver, then you should either purchase one or simply bring your macbook in for diagnostics and Professional Cleaning. Professional Cleaning is done in different ways. If you care about your macbook you should definitely look for the best Professional Cleaning Service available to you. You can simply ask the technician what kind of cleaning they provide in case of liquid damage.


There are 3 steps involved when repairing liquid damaged MacBooks:

  1. Pro Cleaning.
  2. Fixing the Logic-Board and The Parts that are Damaged.
  3. Replacing the Logic-Board and The Parts that are Damaged.

-The least expensive step is the Professional Cleaning. This involves cleaning all your device and removing all the corrosion. This is done in different ways and you should ask the technician what kind of cleaning they are doing on your device.

-Sometimes Professional Cleaning is enough to get the device fully working, however sometimes Fixing the logic-board and parts is necessary. All shops that have a good knowledge on boards and have the equipment to fix these boards, rather fix than replacing the board. Replacement should always be the last option since macbook boards are often very expensive.

-replacement is the last option and most boards are available to purchase either online or in shops. They may be expensive but this is sometimes the quickest way to fix your problem if you don’t care about the money side.

There may be other parts of macbook damaged due to liquid such as Keyboard, Trackpad, Screen and even the Battery. The quote you receive from shops should include all these parts and the labour.

Check out the stores nearby for an estimate. There are some shops that offer diagnostics for free and some that do not quote you for free.