Battery Replacement

Every Macbook Model has a different type of Battery.
You would have to open the back of your macbook for the 2007+models in order to read the battery model number. It starts with letter A and 4 digits following. You need to open the back to access the model number written on the battery.

Remember that unless the battery¬†is really¬†old, generally batteries are very durable and they usually don’t just stop working on their own. There must be a reason why your battery is dead. In most cases, the issue is not only the battery, it is also the logic-board that is causing issues for your macbook.
There are multiple chipsets involve in charging and detecting the battery. If any of those chips are damaged due to liquid and etc…, then you definitely need to get your macbook diagnosed by a knowledgeable technician. Logic-Board Repair in Toronto could be expensive but it definitely doesn’t hurt to get a free estimate of how much it would cost.